Monday, May 9, 2011

"Home is where the heart is"

I can't tell you how great it was to have my two best girlfriends in Uppsala, if only for a few days. I guess I took them for granted when we lived in Lund and in the end I was so focused on leaving Lund that a new life was all I could think about. But now that we're so far from each other I realise how happy they make me and just how much they mean to me. I hope you can forgive me, dear friends, for at times being unable to enjoy the moment and appreciate things when they're right infront of me. Know that I'm sorry about that and that I love you =)

The last couple of days

The last couple of days have been fantastic and I've been happier than ever! Two of my best friends from Lund have been visting me in Uppsala and on Saturday we had a big housewarming party in our new apartment! 

Siri arrived in Uppsala on Thursday night so we got to spend lots of quality time together before the other guests arrived on Saturday. On Friday we slept in, had a late breakfast, put on make-up for hours (hehe) and then jumped on a train to Stockholm! It was a wonderful morning and a wonderful day! This is what I wore: dress and shoes from, jacket and belt from H&M and bag from DKNY. 

We went to one of my favourite restaurants in Stockholm, Bolero, which serves delicious and healthy Latin American food! How often do you find that combo? 

Jum, jum, jum!

After a long day in Stockholm full of shopping and walking in heels we cured the fatigue with garlic bread and wine! How I had missed my dear Siri!

Then on Saturday it was time for the housewarming party! I wore this kimono-like dress from Zara to these silver shoes that I bought at Myrorna! I put up my hair in a 70s style hairdo! 

As the first guests arrived we toasted with appletinies! 

For snacks Siri helped me make feta cheese and sun dried tomatoe-pie and a greek salad, I must say it turned out quite jummy! Here's Nadja and Aida who looked exceptionally pretty =)

My dear Louise came to see me all the way from Guthenburg =)

Later on more friends joined the party, including Glenn and Sayra, Julia and Agata and Jonathan!

Finally after mingling, eating and drinking for a few hours the dance floor opened up! 

It was almost like "Sisqo shake-down" on the dancefloor, hehe!

At the end of the night, most of the people had moved into the kitchen but three girls remained on the dance floor, Susanne and Josefin and I! Together we danced to the last couple of songs: what a feeling by Irene Cara, up side down by Diana Ross, hey ya by Outkast, Scatmat and Dancing on my own by Robyn! What a party, I had such a great time!

Around two o'clock most people had left and the only one's left were Agata and Jonathan, Erik, Siri , Louise and I.  We spent the last hour of the party playing Rappakalja in the kitchen! I won, of course, hehe!

On Sunday we cured the hang over with a home-made brunch and hanging on the lawn! In the afternoon Siri and I said a sad farwell at the centralstation as she got on the train back to Lund :( I had grown so used to her presence that I missed her from the moment we said goodbye, please come back soon!

A great couple of days, no doubt! But it's a new week and there are new challenges to be faced! Today is the lecture that I've been planning with Kvinna till Kvinna for so long, I'm really excited! I hope you've had a great weekend too =)


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hit me with your music, why don't cha?!

I need your help guys! You see, I'm having my housewarming party on Saturday and I really want the music to be great so I was wondering if you could help me out by commenting on this post, on facebook or emailing me your absolute favourite party songs! I'm interested in making a spotify list that mixes everything from salsa to hiphop, rnb, dance, pop, reggeatton, 90s and 80s hits and rock. I want it all as long as it has a beat and you can dance to it! Can you help out? Please =) It would be really helpful because everytime I make a playlist I always miss to include really good songs, but it's so hard to think of them all! There is so much good music out there!

When I have the finished spotifylist I'll post it here so you can listen to the product! Thanks before hand!


Internship please!

Hello there lovely readers! Today I'm in an exceptionally good mood! It's mostly due to the fact that in the last two weeks I have heard back from two organisations. The first was a women's organisation called Operation 1325 that works to stregthen women's participation in peace processes and the other I will not disclose yet. Yesterday was the best day ever, in the morning I was interviewed by Operation 1325 in Stockholm and in the evening I was called by the second organisation for a phone interview! The first interview I felt went really well, the women that work at the organisation were really nice and competent people and their cause is so inspiring that it would be an honour to work for them. The interview with the second organisation was really spontanious and improvised since I didn't know they would call me but I still felt it went quite well. The man who interviewed me told me that I had a really interesting profile and that I had the necessary skills and qualifications to work for them, and that made me really happy. Plus, the location of the organisation is really exciting and it would be a really good opportunity for me. Of course, none of this guarantees that I get neither of these internships but whatever happens I'm glad I got this far. The second organisation told me that they had received dozens of applications and that I was 1 out of 4 candidates! That alone makes me feel blessed =)

Finally, I feel so proud of myself for working hard and sending in as many applications as I have this semester. It's a definite change from last time I was applying internships when I was often too afraid to even apply. 

So please, cross your fingers for me cause I really want to do an interesting internship next semester!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In case you need a pair of shoes, or two or three..


754 kr.
441 kr.

 754 kr.
 348 kr (probably my next buy!)

754 kr.
 580 kr (looove these!)
 522 kr.
580 kr.

 Jeffrey Campbell, 1295 kr. 
Jeffrey Campbell, 1395 kr.

Jeffrey Campbell looker-likes by Nelly, 399 kr. Also available in gold, beige, brown and black and white.

From Zara,

799 kr.

A grey morning in Uppsala

Where did spring go? Seriously, last Monday we had 20 degrees and I spent a whole day in shorts and only one week later the temperature is down to 5-6 degrees, it's grey and cloudy and rain is in the air. This is so boring! Just when I was mentally set for spring! But I will not let it ruin my day and it won't keep me from leaving the apartment. Yesterday on the contrary, I was dressed and ready to go to the library when I saw the nasty weather and practically turned at the door. That's how much I hate grey days like these. If only it was warm, then maybe it wouldn't matter that much but it's of course windy and freezing cold! But like I said, today I'm going to the library! First of all,  I have to do some studying - I have a few articles to read but also, very importantly, tomorrow I have an internship interview so I need to prepare! Yesterday I was really nervous because I'm lowsy at presenting myself formally but I'm going to give it my absolute all! Cross your fingers for me, please =)

Have a great day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Soon together again!

This weekend my best friends from Lund, Siri and Louise are coming to see me in Uppsala! Sebastian and I are having a housewarming party on Saturday so most of our best friends are coming as well as a few of my classmates. Siri arrives already on Thursday night so we'll get to spend the whole day together on Friday before the other guests arrive and Louise arrives on Saturday! I'm so excited to spend time with my girls, I've missed them so much! Can't wait =)